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Migrating from Coeus to Kuali Coeus

Ben DiMolfetta of Winmill Software, a leading approved Coeus vendor presented this topic at our recent Kuali Coeus User Conference in July 2010 and again as a part of the ongoing Webinars shared by MŌDERAS. The presentation met with great response from the conference and folks on the recent webinar asked if we wouldn't mind sharing the presentation so I've attached it here.  Ben and I worked hard from our relative strengths, his with Coeus and mine with KC to try and provide a good picture of the hurdles we feel lie ahead with migration. I encourage you to contact either Ben (, (914) 772-0658) or myself (, (518) 412-2020) if you have any questions.


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KC Driver's Manual Released by MŌDERAS

The staff at MŌDERAS has created a Driver's Manual to compliment the Kuali Coeus Test Drive available at (useid quickstart). This guide is intended for those interested in putting KC through it's paces, we hope you find useful.

Please share your thoughts on this document, we look forward to any comments and suggestions you may have.

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The Staff at Moderas

KC2010 a great success!

While we would have loved to have had more attendees (who wouldn't) most of our attendees said they really enjoyed the more intimate environment and the ability to get all their questions answered.  We could not be happier with the feedback we received during the conference and the unanimous statements in our post conference survey that everyone would recommend this conference to a colleague!  We feel that's the highest praise we could have hoped for so.   

I want to thank all our attendees for taking a chance on us (a relative newcomer) and we hope to see you and many others at next years conference. Please register on the website to start a discussion on next years location, ideas for new sessions, or add your comments about the conference.

Best Regards,

Chris Thompson

Congratulations to Lori Hume!

Lori Hume of the University of Rochester was the big winner of the Apple iPad giveaway at KC2010.  We're glad we gave it away in the morning so we could see how pleased she was all day said MŌDERAS president Chris Thompson. MŌDERAS event planner Fozia Tahir said "she just seemed so happy" when she was taking it back to her room for safe keeping.  We asked Lori not to attempt to play with her new iPad on her way home. Lori was one of only a few attendees within driving range of the conference and we didn't want to read about an iPad related car accident in the paper.

Congratulations Lori, we really hope you enjoy it!

Coeus or Kuali Coeus?

We've been fielding quite a few questions about the difference between Coeus and Kuali Coeus (KC) and wanted to attempt to provide information that we hope will help clarify things.  Let's start with some basic terms and please refer to the Coeus and Kuali websites for the most up to date and accurate information (we are only providing our understanding and it's possible we are in error and that this information may have changed since this was written).

Coeus:  Coeus is a thick Java application developed originally by MIT. Approximately 5 years ago they created the "Coeus Consortium" (CC)which took over development and operations for the 40+ member schools. The Consortium acts as the primary "vendor" for the Coeus product.

Coeus Member Schools: Member schools contribute annually to the Coeus Consortium at different levels. It is not necessary that users of Coeus be a member.

Coeus Basic Partner: These members receive benefits such as implementation support, software updates, and help desk support. Basic Partner membership currently ranges from 10 to $40,000 per year based on the institutions total revenue. See the Coeus fee schedule here

Coeus Sustaining Partner: These members have all the benefits of Basic Partners plus a voice in the direction of the product. They get a vote on the prioritization of proposed changes. Sustaining Partner membership currently ranges from 75 to $90,000 per year based on the institutions total revenue. See the Coeus fee schedule here

Non Coeus Members: You may pay a one time $10,000 fee to use the software freely but non members are not entitled to implementation support, upgrades, support, etc.



Providing a break here to illustrate that the Coeus Consortium and Coeus are not the same as the Kuali Foundation and Kuali Coeus (KC).  The name of the Kuali Research Administration solution was originally KRA but the Foundation decided to adopt the name Kuali Coeus. This unfortunately seems to have made it a bit more confusing for people to understand who is who and what is what.



Kuali Foundation: The Foundation develops open source products that are free to use and fully distributable.  They have Commercial Affiliates and other collaborators who provide support for implementations, customizations, hosting, help desk and other on-going support.  Moderas was one of the original KC Commercial Affiliates until June 25th 2010. While we are no longer "Commercial Affiliates" Moderas is still dedicated to the KC effort and will continue to focus on helping institutions take advantage of this great product.

Kuali Coeus: KC is a FREE open source research administration solution which currently supports pre and post-award activities. Unlike Coeus it's truly web-based which is beneficial as compared to a thick client when it comes to upgrades and support.  You can access it from any browser, anywhere. Most of the Coeus functionality will be in KC within a year (according to their Timeline) and will include IRB, Negotiations, Sub-Awards, Conflict of Interest, with IACUC scheduled for the fall of 2011. The timeline is adjusted from time to time so the text in this paragraph may not be accurate when you read so please check the link above for the latest timeline.

Vanilla Kuali Coeus: Vanilla KC is the version anyone can freely download and use with no modifications or improvements.

Convergence: The point where all the Coeus functionality exists in the KC product. Convergence is currently scheduled for the end of 2011.

Kuali Coeus Consortium (KCC): The Kuali Foundation is teaming with the Coeus Consortium to create the "Kuali Coeus Consortium" to transition current Consortium members to this new open source solution and their current model for development and support. In effect they will be a vendor inside the Foundation.


So where does that leave an institution looking for a new eRA solution, which direction should they choose?  The Coeus Consortium continues to sell Coeus to schools, so that is certainly one option.  KC is currently capable of supporting your pre and post-award functionality, it doesn't require Consortium membership to implement or use, and vendors such as Moderas are ready to provide support for KC adopters today so that's another option.

From a stricly dollars and cents (and sense) perspective we wouldn't recommend that an institution looking for a new solution adopt Coeus at this time.  A Coeus implementation begun today will take from 6 months to a year to get implemented.  From this writing that could mean completion in Summer 2011 with the convergence coming in mere months. This would require an institution to go through another implementation of KC again within 18 months at the latest.  Resources are tight at most institutions and getting acceptance of a new application is something most want to go smoothly.  Consider having your staff learn a new application knowing that they will have to retrain within a year to 18 months. It would make it a much tougher sell, and you have a large effort ahead of you getting KC setup and implemented.

We would strongly recommend that institutions considering Coeus seriously consider adopting KC instead, and skip the Coeus step altogether.  We say this because it normally takes a minimum of 6 months to a year to implement pre and post-award capabilities and by the time this is complete the remaining Coeus modules, if you were planning to implement them, will be a part of KC. 

Speak with your sister institutions, ask questions about what it takes to trains users on Coeus, how long their implementation took, and what they'd advise. A list of current members is available here. You can also post questions directly to one of the listservs where you will receive helpful responses.

We hope this information was helpful and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us an email at or call us at 518.412.2020


What does MŌDERAS do?

We provide a full ranges of support services for the vanilla Kuali Coeus product including; implementation support, technical support, end user training, on-going support (help desk, support site, FAQs, lessons learned, listserv, blogs, and a knowledgebase), programming and customization.

Moderas also offers commercial add-on Modules such are Kwest for integrating funding opportunities with Proposal Development and InSight a business intelligence tool that allows robust reporting that includes drill downs and slicing and dicing of your research administration data by approved end users.  We will be offering a commercial version of KC in the coming year that will have far more user functionality, more web 2.0 capabilities, usability like you've come to expect in today's web-based applications.  We plan to offer a TurboTax™ like interface to allow users to hit the ground running and drive down your institutions training burden.

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