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Measure of complexity

Rochelle R. Athey, The Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration at Iowa State University posted the following message on the RESADM listserv.

"We're trying to come up with a measure of complexity. I have a draft document that splits up our award types into complexity groups from 1 the least complex to 5 most complex. Let me know if you want a copy. I want to add the 1-5 complexity rating to our award database and run reports from time to time on complex awards. It's a very vague measure but it's better than what we have now (nothing)."

Which garnered a lot of interest and requests for a copy. To allow folks to get this file at any time I've attached it here for easy access.

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Kuali Coeus Awareness

Just a quick comment on something I noticed while I was in Vancouver for the NCURA PRA meeting.  

People always ask where you're from when they meet you at these events and there's that awkward explanation that I'm not from a university but am a vendor and the next question that comes up is "what do you do?".  This is a little hard to explain since we support Kuali Coeus (KC) and provide some related offerings.  First I have to explain what KC is and then what we do to support it.  What struck me was the amazing number of people who knew what KC was this time around.  I would say normally 10-15% of people had an idea what KC was in the past but without exaggeration that that number was 75-80% in Vancouver.  

It appears the word is out on Kuali Coeus! 

Reflections of Vancouver

  I'm recently back from the NCURA PRA meeting in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia Canada and have to say it was an awesome event.  We had plenty of sunshine and the host city was just wonderful.  Attendance was strong which seems to be a constant trend at all the research administration events over the past year or so.  We talked a lot about why that might be and folks agree that the industry is aging down and that a large proportion of the attendees had 5 years or less experience in the field.  We assume institutions are taking advantage of these events as training which of course exactly what they're meant for (along with networking of course).  

  We weren't' sure exactly how many of our international friends were in attendance but I met about a half a dozen of our northern neighbors while there so there was definitely more than a few participating.

  I wasn't sure if it was the international locale or the emphasis on doing business with international partners but there was a strong emphasis on doing business with collaborators from industry which was a departure from what I'd seen in past meetings or should I say at least much more focus.  This is something I tend to see at SRA meetings much more than NCURA and it was a welcome addition.  I also noted presenters from industry, another SRA specialty that I've been a fan of as they bring a different perspective to the table.

All in all I thought the meeting was fantastic and I look forward to next years event in New Orleans.  This will be the first year that PRA and FRA will be held back to back in the same location and PRA will be moving to the spring I assume in an attempt to accommodate the move of the national meeting to August in 2013.

Please share your thoughts on the meeting.


Client Engagement


Moderas is pleased to announce that were selected in November 2011 to provide a Kuali Coeus solution to a large university and it's affiliated medical center in Ohio.  The work on this implementation has begun and is estimated to be completed in 2012.  

The client will be adopting all the modules that will be a part of the KC 5.0 released later this spring beginning with the Conflict of Interest and IRB modules.  The system will be hosted on the clients site with integrations with their LDAP authentication system.  We will also integrate two general ledgers and two personnel systems with KC and house two distinct clients in one system.


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